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Reflections on a Networking Site Gone Bad.

I can't be the only one here who thinks Facebook is going downhill faster than Walt Flanagan's dog. Okay, when they added photo albums, I embraced the chance to put random blurry images of people you don't care about online. When they added high schools, I didn't think it was a great idea, but it was an easy way to increase my friend count and make me seem more popular. And let's face it, I'm better friends with a lot of the students still at CHS than I am with anyone in college. When they added the "current status" thing, I resisted, but eventually decided to utilize it for the misappropriation of random movie and song quotes, because that amuses me for God knows what reason. When they added "notes", I thought it was really stupid, but at least it made it easier to read blogs of my friends who don't use LiveJournal. And I set it to automatically update my notes with my LJ posts such as this one, because I'm nothing if not a self-promoting whore. (Why do you think I decided to go into film?) The new format they added today is only the latest offence. I guess I understand how some people might find the mini-feed thing "convenient" so they can keep tabs on exactly what everyone they've ever met is doing online at the same time, but does it seem ridiculous and/or redundant to anyone else? Do I really want everybody to be immediately notified if I correct the spelling on my favorite movies list? I could already check who updated their profiles or their pictures, why do I need to know EVERYTHING that EVERYONE is doing?

Of course, I'm sure in time I'll get used to it, maybe even embrace it, because that is the pattern of things. Facebook sells out, I complain, then I give in and sell out too because I'm subservient like that. But dammit, the whole reason I got Facebook was so I wouldn't have to sell my soul to MySpace.

In conclusion, happy 77th birthday to my idol, Bob Newhart.

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